7 Best High-Pressure Cleaning Videos that are Oddly Satisfying

If you love to see home transformations, then the weird but wonderful world of high pressure cleaning videos may interest you! We’ve found 7 of the most oddly satisfying instagram videos to watch and to help inspire you to give some parts around your home a much needed clean!

In this blog we will:

  • Explain what high-pressure cleaning is.
  • Show you what you can high-pressure clean around your home.
  • Provide you with 7 seriously satisfying high-pressure cleaning videos.

Move over spring clean videos—high-pressure cleaning videos are the new kid on the block. There is just something so oddly satisfying about seeing a dramatic before and after, like thick muck being sprays off a car or a driveway going from ew to new! 

These high-pressure cleaning videos are highly addictive. In fact, there are entire YouTube and Instagram accounts dedicated to them. By the end of this article, you’ll be dying to get your high-pressure cleaner out and attack some projects around the house. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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High Pressure Cleaning FAQ

How does high pressure cleaning work?

High pressure cleaning tools use pressurised water to clear away dirt and grime from almost any surface.

High pressure cleaning involves using a specialised tool, which blasts a stream of highly pressurised water out of a nozzle. This is powerful enough to clear off dirt, grime and even loose paint from its target.

Some machines can be handheld to allow you to reach tricky places, such as your gutters or roof, while other are built to work on floor surfaces such as concrete. A professional cleaner will often carry both types so they can work on multiple areas.

What can I use a high-pressure cleaning machine on?

Think big or small—almost any surface on your home exterior can be targeted with a high-pressure cleaner!

You can high-pressure clean pretty much anything. It can be used almost anywhere on your property, from clearing dirt from your roof to getting the grime out from between outdoor tiles. You can even use it to clear off layers of dirt from your barbecue, fence or mud from your car tyres!

7 High-Pressure Cleaning Videos that are Oddly Satisfying

Let’s start with a high-pressure car clean.

If you love spending your weekends camping or hitting the track, you will understand the pain of having to wash your car after. Well, that’s if you don’t tackle the caked-on mud with a high-pressure cleaner, that is.


Okay, now let’s high-pressure clean those outdoor tiles.

Brand-new looking tiles AND without scrubbing? Yes please! A high-pressure cleaner is fantastic at getting into the grout lines and clearing away dirt. Post-outdoor party is a great time to call in a professional cleaner to clear away spills and stains, and with even less work than you doing it yourself.


Have you tried high-pressure cleaning your roof yet?

Can’t remember what colour your roof tiles are meant to be? High-pressure cleaning your roof will give your tiles a nice freshen up, and clear your gutters out too, if you know how to angle your cleaner right. If not, there is always professional help.


Last, but not least, you can’t forget to pressure clean your driveway and paths.

Let’s face it—the driveway or footpath outside your home can become pretty dirty, with years of built up grime changing its colour without us even noticing. If you have stairs leading up to your front door, you can also give these a new look with a high-pressure cleaner.


Feature Photo by Ethan Sexton on Unsplash

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