1. Add A Marble Laminate Benchtop

Fraser Coast Marble
The marble look has been popular since Roman times, and it’s easy to see why. Its smooth, bright texture is durable, easy to clean and great for bringing out the colours of the surrounding cabinetry.
However, if you want to achieve an authentic marble appearance without forking out for the genuine article, there are a number of marble laminates that work just as well. Benchtop products from leading Australian brand Caesarstone are also guaranteed to add a classical charm to your kitchen.

2. Lay Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor
Although carpets have the advantage of feeling great underfoot and being available in a wide array of colours and patterns, their high upkeep can be a real pain.
In contrast, hardwood floors are easy to maintain, long lasting and can add a sense of warmth and grandeur to any room. Hardwood floors can even improve the value of your home, and because there are no fibres, you can enjoy better indoor air quality.

3. Use Striking Wall Paint Colours

painted room
Though choosing white walls may be seen as a safe option, the resulting look can be sterile. Choosing richer, darker hues can create a much cosier feel. For example, arranging metallic-coloured or classic furniture before dark blue, tan or burgundy walls will instantly give your home a more welcoming ambience.
If you choose a darker, warmer paint scheme for your home entertainment room, adding downlights is a great way to create a real movie atmosphere.

4. Combine Bright Tiles With Dark Grout

black tiles
Giving your kitchen that Mediterranean look is far easier than you might think. Just choose bright tiles with a striking linear or floral pattern and apply these with a black grout. Apart from really bringing out the colours in your tiles, dark grout will require less cleaning, as chips and stains between the tiles will not be as obvious.
Compliment your new tiles with some green plants and you will have your kitchen looking like a seaside taverna in no time.

5. Choose Space-Saving Wall Units

wall unit
Whether you want to showcase photos, create a more functional office space, or transform your spare room into a library, wall units are a must. Many cabinet builders now offer suave, minimalist wall unit designs that deviate from the average models.
In addition to being affordable, wall units can help you eliminate clutter and free up more space. Whatever your décor preferences, you are sure to find a wall unit to match.

If these interior design tips have stirred your renovating spirit, and you want to make your vision a reality, be sure to call this Fraser Coast Interior Designer.

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