The Golden Slipper may have already been and gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop punting altogether. We’ve found 4 sports bars in Wollongong where you can take pleasure in a lovely bistro-style feed, cold beer or wine and put a few bets on.
Wollongong Golf Club

Quality tap beers, Wollongong Golf Club - Wollongong
Quality tap beers, Wollongong Golf Club – Wollongong

If you’re into your beer and betting then the Wollongong Golf Club is the place to be. Why not even have a round of golf? Once you’re done, come back to the bar and enjoy the extensive range of boutique beers from Matilda Bay ales to Burleigh Brewing co carb-free beer. If you’re a wine lover, don’t worry, you can get your cravings satisfied with a list of both locally and imported wines. Whether you just want to enjoy a bit of Keno while overlooking one of the best golf courses in the Illawarra region or you’re into sports betting and want a venue with good food, drinks and buzzing atmosphere to have a punt, the Wollongong Golf Club has got you sorted.
Where: 151-161 Corrimal Street Wollongong NSW
North Wollongong Hotel
Always cold beer on tap, North Wollongong Hotel – Wollongong

If you live in Wollongong and haven’t been to the North Wollongong Hotel, you’re missing out. Known as the ‘North Gong’ to locals, this outrageously spacious bar features over four different drinking areas, an outdoor beer garden and a massive TAB section where you can get to know locals and share some tips on upcoming races. If you’re into punting, then look no further as this sports crazy venue has one huge outdoor projector, two indoor projectors and multiple big screen TVs. It doesn’t matter which sport you follow, it’ll be shown live at the North Gong. So, get a few mates together, grab a beer, order the famous Chicken Schnitzel and join the hundreds of others who flock to this bar for a night of cheering and booing in front of the big screen.
Where: 1/3 Flinders Street North Wollongong NSW
The Dicey Riley’s Hotel
Where the magic happens, The Dicey Rileys Hotel – Wollongong

The Dicey Riley’s Irish Hotel is the perfect place to meet a few locals and engage in some live sport action over a couple of cheap beers. This punters paradise is located in the heart of Wollongong, right next to the train station, and offers an extensive range of social events featured throughout the week which means there is never a dull moment. With affordable drinks served 7 days of the week the TAB area is bound to get quite rowdy – especially when there is a close race on. If you’re looking for a more chilled atmosphere (or you’ve had a loss and you need to escape the TAB room) try your hand at a game of pool or maybe some darts in the sports bar. Whatever the case, enjoy a night of laughing and banter with a couple of mates or one of the friendly Wollongong locals.
Where: 329-333 Crown Street Wollongong NSW
Coniston Hotel
one of the many friendly staff, The Coniston Hotel - Wollongong
one of the many friendly staff, The Coniston Hotel – Wollongong

There’s always something on at ‘The Conno’. Located a couple kilometres south of Wollongong, the Coniston Hotel features retro 1950s style surroundings and is home to everything you could ever ask for from a pub. Start your afternoon at their bistro and enjoy their $10 lunch range which will fill you up while making sure you still have plenty of cash for a punt.
Don’t let the building’s classical vibe fool you, the TAB room is home to some of the most state-of-the-art machines in the area. This punting oasis features 8 Racelist TV monitors, 3 Flexicast TVs filled with race information, as well as 4 big screen TVs which show a range of sport and racing – ensuring you don’t miss any of the action. If you’ve had a big win or you’ve overindulged in one too many of the 11 different tap beers on offer, you can even stay the night in one of their charming yet affordable rooms.
Where: 28 Bridge Street Coniston NSW
Have we missed your favourite bar to put a bet on? Let us know where you go.