Hamburger Haven

Tasty burger selections, Hamburger Haven - Newcastle
Tasty burger selections, Hamburger Haven – Newcastle

Located in the heart of Newcastle, step inside Hamburger Haven and prepare to be blown away by their extensive list of tasty burger options; including the chilli sausage, chicken schnitzel and scallop burgers, all the way to the more traditional varieties like steak, lamb and chicken burgers. For just a little bit extra you can stack your burger full of extras like onion, cheese, egg, pineapple and bacon until it can barely fit into your hands. If you’re visiting with a burger-hater there’s also a range of award-winning gourmet pies that’ll turn their frown upside down. Need some liquid to wash down those burgers? Check out their supply of great tasting coffee and heavenly milkshakes.
Where: 451 Hunter Street Newcastle NSW
Al’s Beach Hut
The famous Tidal Wave, Al's Beach Hut - Newcastle
The famous Tidal Wave, Al’s Beach Hut – Newcastle

Formerly the iconic Al Gators, this unique cafe has not lost any of its carnivorous vibes, but instead has added more options for the customer breathing new life into the restaurant. if you’re dining at Al’s Beach Hut then we suggest you give yourself a challenge and order the Tidal Wave Burger (pictured). We have to warn you though; this monster has beaten many challengers before and takes no prisoners. Does the very sight of the Tidal Wave have you running scared? Don’t worry there’s a range of other burgers and meals available that are more suitable for the smaller stomachs, as well as salad options for any fitspo friends that are tagging along.
Where: 14A Pacific Street Newcastle NSW
Washtub Diner
Great tasting gourmet burgers, The Washtub Diner - Newcastle
Great tasting gourmet burgers, Washtub Diner – Newcastle

Overlooking the harbour in Stockton, bring a some friends down to the Washtub Diner and wrap your hands around a well-crafted burger while you watch the boats float past. The new menu at this popular restaurant is an improvement and has only increased your choices when it comes to burgers. If you’re feeling particularly hungry the Washtub Works is a beef patty with bacon jam packed with all your favourite ingredients and is sure to do the trick. Otherwise the Dunes Double Dog topped with Tex Mex sauce, jalapenos and cheese in a foot long bun is a popular choice. So step inside the Washtub Diner today and let one of the friendly staff take your order.
Where: 1 Mitchell Street Stockton NSW
Newy Burger Co
Burgers for days, Newy Burger Co - Newcastle
Burgers for days, Newy Burger Co – Newcastle

When it comes to taste, the gourmet burgers at Newy Burger Co are second to none. Located inside theĀ Cambridge Hotel, depending on what night you’re dining you may even be treated to a side of live music to go with your juicy burger. Specialising in a range of American inspired dishes, you can indulge in some chipotle chicken wings or cheese covered fries with bacon bits and jalepenos to compliment the main event – The Pasha Bulka. This mean feed includes a Newy Burger with triple patties and triple cheese. Open Wednesday to Sunday (with the hours varying), if you haven’t already, be sure to make a trip to Newy Burger Co for a Newcastle burger experience that’ll blow your mind.
Where: 789 Hunter Street Newcastle West NSW
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