30 Easy Halloween Costumes — Best Last Minute Costume Ideas

With Halloween is creeping around the corner we have collected 30 Easy Halloween Costumes — Best Last Minute Costume Ideas for 2021. Find the perfect costume for your in-person or virtual Halloween party!

Halloween is fast approaching, so it is time to put on your creativity cap! Understandably, creativity sometimes will not strike when you need it, and it can usually take a bit of time to find the perfect Halloween costume.

However, in a world of repetitive Halloween costumes, you do not want to be caught blending into the crowd of Harley Quinns and Batmans. Nor do you want to be caught without a costume for Halloween!

Shortlisting Halloween costume ideas should not be a haunting process. To save you the trouble, we have assorted 15 Easy Halloween Costumes for 2021. If the first half of our fang-tastic costume ideas have left you screaming for more, our 15 Iconic Last-Minute Halloween Costumes will have all your ghoulish needs.

So, if you are thinking of being a mummy this year for the tenth time, please, for the love of Halloween, put down that toilet paper because here are the 30 Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2021.

15 Easy Halloween Costumes for 2021

2021 has had its fair share of trending popular culture moments. So why not turn some of your favourite memories of the year into fun costumes this Halloween.

The following collection of Halloween costumes have been inspired by trending celebrities, characters and hilarious ideas that are sure to be a hit for your Halloween plans. Buckle up and tune in for some easy Halloween costumes for the year!

1. Bernie Sanders…and His Mittens

Bernie Sanders could be the underdog for DIY Halloween costume ideas. The U.S senator became a viral sensation with the relatable image sitting at the inauguration early this year. The world took the shot and ran with it, first came the social posts and then came the memes.

Now that the image has taken a life of its own, why not turn it into a fun costume! Dressing up as the Bernie Sanders mittens meme could be the easiest Halloween costume idea as all you need is winter woollies, a mask, glasses and of course, some retro mittens.


2. Billie Eilish

I’m the bad guy, duh! Billie Eilish has provided popular culture with some great looks over the past couple of years, making her a strong contender for being an easy Halloween costume for 2021. For this easy Billie Eilish Halloween costume, I would recommend to research film clips from her 2019 album and put together a costume using colour-coordinated baggy clothes.

3. Coneheads

The beloved Conehead family may not be your first choice for a DIY Halloween costume this year, but please give them a chance! If you aim to avoid blending in with the other earthlings, consider being part of the Conehead alien this Halloween.

For the Conehead itself, it will be funny to make it a DIY Halloween costume. However, if you are not feeling too creative and have a couple of Coneheads to manifest, you can shop online for these last-minute Halloween costumes.

To make your Coneheads Halloween costume stand out, this fun look would be more impressive if done as a group. Therefore, I would suggest gathering your friends or family to create your own Coneheads clan.

4. Cruella

When Disney’s Cruella came out this year, the movie took the make-up industry by storm.

Cruella’s multiple make-up looks and iconic fashion provided exciting options for a creative last-minute Halloween costume. So, get into the mind of Cruella, and start sketching your designs. To nail the Cruella aesthetic, I suggest finding a black and white wig, putting on some red lipstick and coordinating a fabulous black-and-white costume that will wow on Halloween night.

5. Bob Ross

The joy of Halloween is the ability to be creative with your costume ideas. Bob Ross is a perfect DIY Halloween costume that will not break the bank. All you need to pull off the humble styling of Bob Ross is a brown afro wig, wear a Canadian tuxedo, and always have your trusty paintbrush on hand.

6. Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson 1996

Another strong contender for an easy Halloween costume could be dressing as 1996 Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson! Dressing as the iconic wrestler-turn-actor-turned-tequila-entrepreneur must be one of the first choices of the last-minute Halloween costumes.

All you need to do is put on a turtleneck, and your favourite 90’s jeans, then find something to perch your elbow up against and get ready for a hilarious photo opportunity that will be the gag of your friends Halloween shindig.

7. Elton John

If you are a fan of platform shoes and oversized sunglasses, we have a Halloween costume for you! Not only would dressing up as Elton John for Halloween be fabulous, but also an excuse to get the hot glue gun out. Go crazy with the glitter and enjoy yourself as Elton John this Halloween.

8. Free Britney 

Britney’s story came back into the media’s orbit over the past couple of years. While Britney fans have been out in the streets showing their support towards the ‘Free Britney’ cause, a Free Britney costume can be up to your interpretation.

The DIY costume might include putting on a blonde wig, hand-making a ‘Free Britney’ poster, and or making a fan t-shirt. If you are a Britney fan, I would defiantly consider dressing as Free Britney as an idea for last-minute Halloween costumes.

9. Kath Day-Knight

Look at moi, look at moi! If you are a lover of the Australian comedy Kath & Kim classic, make sure to dress like these national treasures at least once in your life. Throw on a tight perm wig, find a matching tracksuit and get your chooky on for this hilarious Halloween costume idea.

10. Kim Craig Née Day

You cannot have Kath without Kim! Australia’s own Kim Craig should be a fashion icon of her time. Kim’s typical noughties attire, which usually accompanies a small handbag and a bit of attitude. For the ultimate look, make sure to find a long brown wig with a fringe, pull out your old early 2000’s fashion you cursed never to wear again and strut your stuff!

11. Nickelback Guy

We might share the same concerns of why the mysterious photograph made Chad Kroeger laugh every time. After many years of uncertainty, I have concluded the Canadian musician must have been singing about a photo of the ‘Nickelback Guy’. The Nickelback Guy could be one of the easiest costumes anyone can enjoy. You could either dress up as Chad Kroeger or make your own Nickelback tribute Halloween costume. Either way, it is hilarious!


12. RuPaul

Another icon in pop culture today is RuPaul. In the spirit of Drag Race, category is…HalloQween! This easy DIY costume could involve either pulling out your best vibrant suit and funky glasses or putting on a big blonde wig and a sequinned dress. Whichever RuPaul look you choose… you better work!

13. Space Jam Monstars

If you need a group Halloween costume idea, dressing as the Space Jam Monstars would provide a good giggle for you and the gang. You can be as creative as you like with this one!

Either get the body paint out, find a morph suit and then buy new or dust off the basketball uniform. Bonus points if you print off your specific Monstar’s face to use as a mask!

14. Zoom Meeting ‘Professional’

The Zoom Meeting ‘Professional’ is not only relevant but a hilarious Halloween costume for 2021. For those who usually wear uncomfortable attire for work, there might have been times where you wish you could have worn your favourite tracksuit pants or even PJs to work. With more people having the option of working from home and the need for video conferencing, business on top and comfy clothing on the bottom is becoming more common than you’d think.

15. 2020 Olympian

Dressing as a 2020 Olympian this Halloween is another terrific addition to the last-minute Halloween costumes list. Halloween is usually the time to put on a spooky or funny costume. However, to mix it up this year, why not take the opportunity to show your pride for your country’s Olympian!

So, put on a tracksuit, DIY some homemade medals and try it on for easy Halloween costumes.


15 Iconic Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Over the years, there have been several iconic Halloween costumes. People have reborn traditional with new creative flare.

Whether you are in a group or wanting a solo costume idea, here are some iconic looks that could be twisted into your own style. Hopefully, the following list will create the spark that generates your perfect Halloween costume idea this year, from solo costumes to groups or a specific theme.

1. Chucky

To start us off, Chucky is a well-known Halloween costume all ages can wear. All you need is some face paint, a red wig or hair spray, a stripy top and, of course, some overalls.

However, if you are concerned about Chucky being an overdone instant costume, consider mixing it up with assorted colours, choosing another character from the franchise, or creating a fresh look for Chucky, like City Slicker Chucky or Malibu Chucky? The world is your…terrifying doll.

2. Creature from the Black Lagoon

Now, I know what you are thinking; the costume hire for the creature from the black lagoon might be a bit pricy for a last-minute Halloween costume idea. However, a creative costume idea could be DIY a cut-out mask, get some body paint or gather materials to put your costume together. If you want to get arty, you could use black, white and grey tones to give it an authentic 1950’s aesthetic.

3. Beetlejuice and Lydia

Beetlejuice… Beetlejuice… Beetlejuice! Even after death, this couple continues to run amuck!

Dressing up as Beetlejuice and Lydia is the perfect Halloween costume for couples combining spooky with fashion. There is plenty of variation of these costumes online. However, I recommend getting creative, picking something up from your local op shop and exercise your DIY skills.

4. Billy the Puppet

The puppet from Saw is versatile to interpret in your way. All you need to do is get the face paint right. Bonus points if you find a tricycle to ride around on, however, you can wear whatever you want with this Halloween costume as Billy the Puppet is most recognisable for its terrifying face. I would recommend getting creative with a fresh look for the puppet if you want to stand out from the crowd.

5. Fresh Prince from Bel-Air/Banks Family

If you are feeling the nostalgic styles of the ‘90s, then dressing up as any member of the Banks family might be the Halloween costume for you. You could style your costume from clothes you already own or go on the hunt for some retro pieces.

However, if you are not a die-hard fan and can’t remember what Hillary wore for her Halloween Party, I would suggest doing your homework (any excuse to re-watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-air, really).

6. Matrix

Break out the black leather because Matrix-style is back this year! The super-sleek styling of the Matrix is a theme that makes this Halloween costume one of the easiest Halloween costumes to do. Of course, if you want more couture styling, you could always whip out the hot glue gun and put your DIY skills to the test.

7. Party Animals

If you are looking for pun Halloween costumes, dressing up as a party animal could be an easy Halloween costume to choose. This costume involves breaking out your best party attire, while buying or making an animal face mask.

If you are talented in the face painting department, you could paint your face like your favourite animal for a more polished look. I would suggest thinking of a fun festival costume or even something a little outrageous you have not had a chance to wear yet.

8. Holy Gaucamoly

Another Halloween costume idea for those of you who love a good pun would, of course, be the Holy Gaucamoly. You could take this DIY Halloween costume to the next step by making an avocado costume while attaching angel wings and a halo.

However, it would still be acceptable if you buy a t-shirt with an avocado on it (or draw one on), then go down to your local costume store and get some wings and a halo.

9. Samara from The Ring

If you never want to turn on the TV ever again, Samara from The Ring is a great idea for last-minute Halloween costumes. All you need is an old dress (typically white) and wear a long black wig backwards, and you have just created a terrifying image in a matter of seconds. The beauty of this Halloween costume is even if it does not look professionally done, it will still terrify anyone who has ever watched The Ring movies.

10. Shark Week

For some, hearing the words Shark Week takes you back to the hilarious movie Stepbrothers, but this iconic week-long television special could be interpreted in another pun Halloween costume. Like the Holy Gaucamoly costume, you can either keep this costume simple or go big.

You could wear a t-shirt with a shark on it with the word week underneath for the simple version. While for a more significant reaction, you could DIY a shark costume and have the word week crafted onto it. Bonus points if you can get the squad together to have a person dressed for each day of the week.

11. Shining Twins

The fun part about Halloween is easy Halloween costumes usually only requires a little imagination. The Shining Twins Halloween costume can look well done with cinematic detailing. However, The Shining Twins Halloween costume also can be pulled off on a budget.

You and a friend will need matching dresses, a couple of matching wigs and some fake blood. This fun costume is not only for the ladies, but it could also be interpreted as funny if two guys dressed up as the Shining Twins.

12. Smart Cookie

A Smart Cookie Halloween costume is an affordable one to pick up at a few shops. However, a more impressive last-minute Halloween costume would be to DIY this classic get up yourself.

The traditional costume idea is to wear a graduation hat and a costume that looks like a cookie. However, you could get creative by making a cookie costume out of cardboard or fabric. Then, while interpreting the ‘smart’ side to make it whatever you like, you could still use the graduation hat, wear some glasses, dress smart, tell people you are competent or write the word smart on your costume.

13. Star Wars™

We all know that a costume referencing Star Wars™ is a resident at the odd Halloween party. But I think a phenomenon that continues to go on and on deserves to be an iconic theme for Halloween costumes. 

Get creative with the theme and pick a character you gravitate towards. These characters a quite recognisable, so be warned, you might be approached by Star Wars fans and find yourself deep in the middle of a conversation on Darth Maul™ battling Obi-Wan™ and Qui-Gon™, so make sure you do your homework! 

14. Top Gun

Do you lean towards Maverick or Goose? Either way, Top Gun is an iconic Halloween costume that lets you release your inner rebel. You could also create your own funny badges and attach them to a boiler suit as an easy costume idea. Finally, do not forget to whack on some aviators and show off your last-minute Halloween costume.

15. When Life Gives You Lemons

As the old saying goes, ‘when life gives you lemons’ make a Halloween costume. This hilarious Halloween costume is for those last-minute Halloween costume needs. All you need is an old t-shirt you are happy to write the word ‘life’ on and a bucket of lemons, or at least a couple of lemons. You can get creative with this one and interpret the pun, although this is still a good one if you need to get an easy costume together last minute.


Now I know I have not listed some absolute legendary costume ideas; however, these 30 Halloween costume ideas could be fantastic conversation starters at your next spooky shindig. So, let your freak flag fly and get creative, add a little fake blood or overdo the glitter. Hopefully, these costume ideas take you down a journey of the best version of your Halloween self.

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