3 reasons why you should take an art class

July 24, 2015 - 2 min read

You may think that you don’t have a creative bone in your body, however once you take brush to paper, you may just find yourself developing a new favourite hobby! Consider these reasons for taking an art class—whether seasoned illustrator or newbie alike!

#1 A time to rest the mind

If you work in a highly analytical environment, then an art class is an excellent way to give your brain’s right side a rest, and stretch the left side. Even if you see yourself as a logical thinker through and through, it may come as a pleasant surprise to focus on your intuitive self. If you still want to work logically, why not consider learning about architectural design? Work with scales and measurements to feel not so out of your comfort zone. Alternatively, take a class in fashion design for something completely out of your comfort zone. Art classes aren’t confined to painting pictures of the seaside, and there is truly something for everyone.

#2 Learn techniques you may not have known

Art classes, for the experienced artist, open up a world of possibility. Although many artists feel comfortable in their area, there is always much to learn. Whether this be a new or different technique to drawing, a more efficient approach to blending or perfecting the drawing of an eye. People who create art on a regular basis have just as much to learn from an art class as those who are new to the craft.

#3 Rekindle your passion

Maybe the last time you spent some time creating was when you were in school. Back in those days you really enjoyed yourself too! Nowadays, you’ve become too busy to keep old hobbies, however indulging in an old passion could be the perfect remedy for refreshing your spirit. Letting out a little creativity never does any harm, and it may just perk up a sense of nostalgia for you to gain inspiration from! Why not take some friends and collaborate? Art doesn’t always have to be a solitary affair!


Tell us about your art class experiences or share some of your own artwork in the comments. We would love to see it!