3 Easy Tips to Help Avoid Premature Wear & Tear on Your Vehicle

September 21, 2015 - 4 min read

Maintaining your car shouldn’t be tricky or time consuming—and if it is, you should probably leave it to a professional. Before you hop in car next, run these 3 maintenance tips to keep on top of any premature wear and tear.

​We all tend to overlook our car care every now and then. To give your car a little extra TLC this weekend, why not change your windscreen wipers, your oil or check your battery? Do these surprisingly simple tasks yourself, and save a wad of cash.

Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Your Car

Tip 1. Change your windscreen wipers

It’s seriously easy and cheap. By swapping your old wipers for brand new ones, you’ll ensure you get rid of ALL of those raindrops obscuring your view, rather than just smearing water over your window, leaving you even blinder than before. Just change them. It’ll take you 15 minutes:

  1. Lift the blades, as if you were washing your windshield by hand, and remove the old blades.
  2. Pay attention to how the old blades connect to the metal arms.
  3. On most models, you’ll see a tab on the underside of the wiper. Push the tab to remove the old blade.
  4. Attach the new blades, being careful not to bend the wiper arms or scratch your windshield. Line everything up and make sure the new ones are secure and tight.

Tip 2. Change your oil

Also another simple task when it comes to auto maintenance, changing your oil yourself doesn’t take much time. Before you begin, keep these precautions in mind:

  1. Never change your oil when your engine is hot. Park, wait for it to cool, and then get started. Driving around the block to heat the car and loosen the oil can result in a more effective drain, which is good news, but you must let the engine cool before starting the job.
  2. You’ll have to jack up your car, so make sure you’re comfortable safely handling a jack.

Now you can safely change your oil:

  1. Get under your car and locate the vehicle’s oil pan.
  2. Unscrew the drain plug and drain all of the old oil into your oil pan.
  3. Once all of the oil is drained, replace the drain plug.
  4. Go back to your engine and remove the old oil filter with your oil filter wrench. (Be careful, because the oil filter contains some old oil as well).
  5. Lubricate the rubber gasket on the new oil filter with some new motor oil.
  6. Fill the new oil filter about two-thirds of the way with new oil.
  7. Screw in the new oil filter. Hand-tighten it only.
  8. Fill the engine with new oil, using your funnel.
  9. With a dip-stick, double check your oil level to be sure you’ve added enough.
  10. Discard the old oil filter and recycle the old oil (most petrol stations will take it).

Tip 3. Check your battery​ and clean any corrosion

It only takes a small amount of residue on your battery posts to keep your car from starting.​ ​This’ll only take 20 minutes out of your day, and cost you a couple of bucks. If you see hard white residue on your battery, simply follow these steps:

  1. Remove your battery terminals, which should be a fairly straightforward process. Make sure you always remove the negative cable first. If they’re stuck, use a flathead screwdriver to pry them loose.
  2. Clean the posts. Most auto shop cleaning solutions are nothing more than baking soda and water, so if you’re feeling extremely frugal, feel free to create your own cleaner. Generously apply the fluid to the posts, and clean vigorously with a wire brush.
  3. Rinse the cleaning fluid with a little water.
  4. Dry the posts with rags.
  5. Replace battery terminals.

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