3 best cat breeds for families

July 3, 2015 - 2 min read

Looking to buy or adopt a new kitten? here are three breeds that are perfect for any family home.

Whether you want a cat that’s loving by nature, or one that requires little to no maintenance, all cats are different! This is why it’s important to do as much research on particular breeds as possible (especially if you have small children). This way, you can be fully informed of all the pros and cons prior to adopting.

Ragdoll cats

Adorable ragdoll kitten

If you’re looking for a cat that is very affectionate, and is a bit of a dope, you will love ragdolls. Extremely loveable and child-friendly, ragdolls thrive on being near, around or even on their owners. Unlike many other cats, ragdolls are renowned for completely relaxing in the arms of anyone who holds them—even if they’re being cradled on their back! They’re very docile cats, especially once they’ve grown out of their kitten phase, however this doesn’t mean they don’t like to play. Just keep your house of cards somewhere your kitty can’t reach.

Abyssinian cats

Typical curious Abyssinian kitten
Typical curious Abyssinian kitten (stock image)

Highly intelligent and inquisitive, the Abyssinian cat is one who will play and play and play until you (and the kids) are tuckered out! These felines are very child-friendly and curious, so if you’re giving something your full attention, the Aby (as the breed is nicknamed) will want to know why! These cats also love heights, so it will appreciate some cat-friendly shelving or cat trees. Abys are very adaptable and will fit in well with any family where they are loved.

Burmese cats

Beautiful Burmese kitten

Do you love to converse with your animals? The Burmese is for you. These guys are energetic and friendly, as well as gentle with all family members. They love to voice their opinions on any matter, but luckily they generally make soft, sweet meows that are hard to resist. They love getting into nooks and crannies, so be ready for their investigative nature.